“ MerMan has a great message and delivers it well! I received very positive feedback from both students and staff. I highly recommend this program and encourage schools to not only present the assemblies but the family night as well!”
- Kimberly Quinlan- Clark/Moores Middle - Richmond. KY

“ Excellent job! This was very informative and enjoyable for all, THANK YOU!.”
- Teacher - Ps 104 - Brooklyn, NY

“ Can’t wait to have you back next year! We want you to talk to our parents as well.”
- Principal- middle school - El Dorado Hills, CA

“ Your performance was excellent. I’m sure many lessons were learned.”
- Mary Anne Hayes, Philadelphia, PA

“Excellent speaker - very high audience involvement and participation. Very visual and vivid use of terms and examples. Really made an impact.”
- Counselor , Currituck County, NC

“ Mr. MerMan really does understand the problems facing students today and presents a program that is fun, exciting and very useful to all ages!”
- Counselor, Prince William County, VA

“Great performance. It reinforced what we are constantly trying to teach the students.”
- Fourth grade teacher, Cincinnati, OH

“Good Job, very informative. I think you connected with the students on their level.”
- Angela Pitzer, Bunker Hill, WV

Amazing program and we look forward to you coming back- It’s was better than I even hoped for, Great job.”
- Principal- Dillon, SC

“Wonderful presentation! Students were actively engaged and involved in the program and developed a better understanding of bullying.”
- Kiley Jackson, South Plainfield, NJ

What teachers and students are saying about MerMan
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