n reality, we’ve all been a victim, bully and witness at some point in our lives, says MerMan. The real test is how we choose to act once we become aware of our distinct roles.
 Bullying is no laughing matter, but humor can be an effective teaching tool, particularly for children. After 20 years of thrilling audiences with magic, illusions and comedy, MerMan has
expanded his repertoire to include some revealing programs that educate kids, parents and teachers about the causes and effects of bullying
 MerMan’s anti-bullying programs involve everyone in the school community, not just the principal or a few concerned teachers. In effective programs, the administration sets a clear standard that bullying is completely unacceptable and enforces it. Teachers make bullying a part of the curriculum and identify bullies early on, before they become set in their ways. And finally, children learn that by taking care of each other, speaking out against bullies, and working together, they have tremendous power.
If you’d like to help eliminate bullying in your community, consider one or more of the following programs offered by MerMan Productions.

"This program really works! PERIOD!!"
E. Phillips, Sunbury, PA

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